Friday, February 21, 2014

Next Meeting: Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

Meetings are from 1900 to 2100 hrs

Cadets should arrive between 1845 and 1855 hrs.
Senior Staff, Admin and testing available from 1830-1855.

Prospective members and parent/guardians welcome
to arrive between 1830 and 1900.
Parents are welcome to remain during the meeting.

No appointment is needed, first time visitors may contact:
Deputy Squadron Commander
Maj. Nicolas Cook

Location: West Jordan Utah Army National Guard Armory
(The building behind the green Huey, Viet Nam era helicopter on display on the west side of the roadway)

7563 South Airport Road
West Jordan, Utah

Meeting Topic: Physical Training / CFPT

Uniform of the Day: PT gear
Item 1:  DESERT HAWK XII UPDATE: Letter from the Encampment Cadet Commander:
 Dear Cadets, 

The deadline for cadet staff applications for Desert Hawk XII Encampment are FAST approaching. The deadline to be considered for any staff position (Support or Line) is 28 FEB 2014

For staff applications please email a letter of intent (why you, what position(s), etc) to myself at and please cc, All other forms (F31, F160, payment, etc) are all due NLTMay 17, 2014. If you find that including a resume will boost your application feel free to include one with your letter of intent. 

The first staff training will be held on 08 Mar 2014 at the Utah Wing Building at 0800L. At the meeting we will discuss our objectives, staff selections, and other topics. Please note that If you are an out of state cadet who is applying please email me directly for updates.

I look forward to serving with you and having a great encampment this June. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach me anytime at 435-671-6307

Below you will find a list of the needed positions for cadet staff this year. Please note that this is projected, and positions may be added or removed depending on the needs of the DHXII Encampment Staff:

-Squadron Commander (2)
-1st Sergeant (2)

-Flight Commander (6)
-Flight Sergeant (6)

-C/Admin Officer/NCO
-C/Safety Officer/NCO
-C/Logistics Officer/NCO
-C/Pubic Affairs Officer/NCO (2)
-General Support Staff (note that the structure and amount of general support staff is TBD)


Cadet Commander
Desert Hawk XII
Scroll down to check out the last few weeks blogs for further info on encampment. If you have not been to an encampment, get your applications in now. You can not become a cadet officer, and there are some national activities you can not attend if you have not first had an encampment credit.
Item 2: Squadron Banquet
The Squadron year end banquet will be Saturday, 1 March. It will again be held at the Friends of Eagles reception hall. Stay tuned for more details as they are posted. You need your best blues uniform. Any cadet may wear a tie, and service coat if you have one for the banquet. Cost is $15 per person, at the door.
Item 3: UTWG Awards
The 2014 UTWG Cadet of the Year has been awarded to C/Capt. Wilkins, of the Cache Valley Composite Squadron.

The 2014 Squadron of Merritt, has been awarded to Weber Minuteman Composite Squadron.

Phoenix wishes a sincere congratulations to both!

Item 4: Spring / Summer Phoenix FTX
Phoenix is planning to host an FTX this coming season. We will be parking the vehicles at a drop off point, and hiking in to a bivouac site. We will be carrying in everything we need, and we will be in tents / shelters for a Friday through Sunday Field Training. More information to be published. A sign up will be posted when exact dates are determined.

Item 5
: Huck A Puck Fund Raising:
This years' fund raising continues. All cadets are encouraged to obtain a permission slip to be signed by your parent or guardian. You will then be issued vouchers to sell. UNDERSTAND, you / your family will be responsible for those vouchers, if lost, you are responsible to pay for them. If you don't sell them all, you can turn them in at no cost to you.

This has been a good fund raiser for our unit every year, so see Lt Nielsen for slips and vouchers and support our squadron.

If you are ready for a drill test, a milestone written test, a speech or a review board, you must log in right here PRIOR to Wednesday at 1700 hours and let us know what you need. There will not be time to schedule these on Thursday when you arrive for the meeting.On line testing (Leadership and Aerospace Tests) must be completed before a drill test will be given.
The PT test for your next promotion can be taken on any PT meeting.

On line tests, PT and drill tests (as applicable), speeches or SDAs must be completed prior to requesting a promotion board. The board is the LAST step before completing any achievement.

If you need anything from supply, to place an order, need uniform parts, you should arrive at 1830. All such requests should be made before the meeting. 

Boots, pant, blouse and BDU flat top cover, are available through the Wing. Utah Wing has purchased a number of various sizes, and are making those uniforms available to the membership. 
You can get a full set for $20 total. If you need a full uniform, or if you need one or two of those four parts, let the command staff know what you need ASAP. 
Individual uniform parts are $6.00 a piece (which is anything less than all four parts). We will need to notify the Wing staff what we need. This is not a retail situation, where you can show up at the Wing building anytime, and buy stuff, so we need to do some arranging, but this will not be difficult, nor will it have to take a long time, so figure out what you need, and put a list together now.
Sizes are not guaranteed, but chances are we can get you outfitted. If you already have a uniform, you can still buy a new set, and then you will have a set for squadron, and a set you can wear for FTXs. There is no rule that says you can't take advantage of this opportunity just because you already have a set. There is no rule which limits 1 set per member either.
These uniforms are new or used but good condition. JUMP ON THIS NOW. If this program works well, the Wing may continue, and buy more next year. If no one needs uniforms, and the Wing is stuck with all those uniforms, they will likely not do this again. Its not free, but you will not see a full set of uniforms in this good condition for this little money again.
Before Phoenix cadets will attend any FTX, there will be an equipment check on the Thursday meeting just before that FTX. Anyone planning on attending will be required to bring all of their equipment to that meeting for inspection. That equipment will then be secured by the squadron until arrival at the FTX.
All FTX form 31s' and monies will be collected by the squadron at the Thursday meeting as well.

Phoenix is Second To None!


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