Thursday, October 17, 2013

Next Meeting: Thursday 24 Oct 2013

1900 to 2100 hrs

Cadets should arrive between 1845 and 1855 hrs.
Senior Staff and admin 1830-1855.

Prospective members and parent/guardians welcome
to arrive between 1830 and 1900.
Parents are welcome to remain during the meeting.

No appointment is needed, first time visitors may contact:
Deputy Squadron Commander
Capt. Nicolas Cook

Location: West Jordan Utah Army National Guard Armory
(The building behind the green Huey, Viet Nam era helicopter on display on the west side of the roadway)  

7563 South Airport Road 
West Jordan, Utah

Meeting Topic: Holiday Party

Uniform of the Day: Appropriate costume, or civilian dress.

This is the Cadet Halloween party, so this will not be a regular meeting. The Cadet Command Staff is planning pot luck snacks and drinks, and a movie night. The movie is to be announced, but will be PG13. Bring a friend or two, or more, and have fun. Pot lock means bring treats for yourself and to share with others.

What is an appropriate costume? Anything that would be ok to wear to school or to a church Halloween function. Costumes are optional.
There will be no testing or boards.

If you are a prospective member, you are welcome to come see us, the senior staff will be present, and we will be happy to talk to you about the program.


Item 1: There will be NO MEETING, Thurs, 31 October, Happy Halloween everyone.
There will not be another PT meeting until January 2014. If you are ready to promote, and you need your PT test in order to go to the promotion board, let the Sqdn Commander know, through your chain of command, and we are willing to arrange a PT test sooner.

Item 2: Attention ALL SENIORS AND CADETS: The Utah Wing is looking for a cadet volunteer to serve as the Cadet Recruiting and Retention Officer / NCO / Airman. If interested send a message to your immediate supervisor or commanding officer here at Phoenix, and you may then respond directly to the Wing Chief of Staff. See details copied from the Wing e mail below:

All Members of Utah Wing,
    We are currently seeking to fill the position for a Recruiting and Retention officer at Utah Wing Headquarters.  We would like to have an active Recruiting and Retention officer.  This position will develope an active recruiting and retention plan for the wing dor both senior members and cadets.  This plan may also be passed down to the sqaudron level.  We would like to see both Senior members and cadets apply.   The position would be filled by the senior member and the cadet would be the assistant.    We would like to have someone in place by Oct 31, 2013. Please send all responses to

Brian Cowan Capt.,CAP
Chief of Staff
Utah Wing

Item 3: The news story featuring our squadron doing the concrete arrow clean up aired last week. You may view the story here:

Item 4: Don't forget the Squadron Facebook page at Phoenix Cadet Squadron CAP Utah 

Item 5: Drill Team. If you have any interest in a Wing Drill Team this year, let your chain of command know ASAP. We will need to submit names to Maj. Carlisi also, ASAP.

Phoenix, you are Second to None!


dacowtamer said...

Cadet Holt will not be able to attend.

VFacer said...

I will be there.

Mesesan said...

I will not be attending.